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n Christmas eve, 1995, in Maryville, Tennessee U.S.A., God revealed a secret that had been hidden for sixty-one years. He gave to a woman named Elizabeth Kelman her true identity, which had been stolen from her at birth, and was never intended to be returned. Evidently, Elizabeth had been born in England in June of 1934. Her true parents were later to be known as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

In the Duke and Duchess' correspondence, found in the 1986 book "Wallis and Edward Letters 1931-1937", edited by Michael Bloch, we read in Wallis' letters from the first half of 1934 how, for unexplained reasons, she expected to gain weight, and finally did. The last mention of this was in her letter of May 22nd., 1934.

In Edward's earliest letter to Wallis contained in this same book, from Easter of 1935, we see how he curiously underlined words. His underlining was actually Morse code, a private message to Wallis, reminding her of a happier time a year earlier (March 12th, 1934) when their secret had brought them much joy, spelling out a most affectionate, and definitive word: MOM ().

Wallis and Edward privately commemorated these events through jewelry having special meanings. Records of these can be found in books such as the 1987 book "The Jewels of The Duchess of Windsor" by John Culme and Nicholas Rayner. Here we see Wallis' charm necklet, which includes: a plaque with a large red figure 3, dated from March 12th 1934;

and a medallion thought to represent the letters OK, which actually symbolized a baby, and inscribed: I doo too July (sic).

We see Edward's necklace of three Latin crosses including: a sapphire cross representing Wallis; a ruby cross representing himself; and a plain lifeless cross given to him by Wallis, dated November of 1934.

Amongst Wallis' bracelet of 9 Latin crosses we find only one plain lifeless cross, inscribed: WE are too (sic), given to her by Edward, also dated Nov. of 1934. These two crosses, along with other proofs, indicate that Wallis and Edward had thought their child had died at the time of birth.

In late 1934, and early 1935, Edward and Wallis exchanged portraits of themselves. You can see Edward's signature in these two pictures.

Here are the two signed by Wallis. These photos were sold at the 1998 Sotheby's auction, and can be seen in the catalogue from that sale.

The details of how and why their child was taken from them and brought to the U.S.A. are to this day a closely guarded secret. Reportedly, Pentagon records had included U.S. military intelligence reports of Edward and Wallis' daughter living somewhere in the U.S.A., and a higher level of government records revealed the whole story.

This tragic secret, that could not possibly have been shared with many others, was a bond between them which together with Edward's love for Wallis made his decision to marry her irrevocable.

It is Elizabeth's sincere hope that these important facts about her parents should finally be known, and that Great Britain, as well as the United States of America, and all of the other Christian nations, will regain their earthly sovereignty, to once again each be ruled only by God and His Son Jesus Christ.

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