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n December of 1936 King Edward VIII of Great Britain was forced, by elements in the British government, to give up his throne because he intended to marry American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson. They were married six months later.

It was unknown to the world that Edward and Wallis had had a child in June of 1934, and that child was taken from them.

It was not until December of 1995, that their daughter learned her true parents' identity.

In the months that followed resemblances became apparent. Their daughter & her immediate family, spanning three generations, had inherited features from Wallis and Edward, and their families, as can be seen in the accompanying pictures. These likenesses together with the discovery of many hidden clues are evidence that divine intervention was necessary to expose past deeds which have altered the course of history.

Wallis and Edward on vacation in August and September, 1934, shortly after the loss of their child. This photo, and others taken during this vacation depict a somber mood.

All of the proof presented on these pages is true and verifiable. The pictures are unretouched, and depict the typical appearance of each subject at that time. Decide for yourself the validity of this claim.

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