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he W.E.3 inscription was used by Wallis in early 1935 to represent herself, Edward, and the child they had lost some months earlier. The stylized letters W (and) E have represented Wallis and Edward since the beginning of their intimate correspondence in the mid 1930's. The Duke and Duchess maintained the use of 'WE' through out their personal lives in both their jewelry and cyphers. The numeral '3' was cryptically added to their correspondence for a short time, referencing the year 1934.

The 'WE3' inscription is found on a photograph taken in January 1935. The portrait of Wallis, holding her Christmas present, a Cairn Terrier nicknamed Slipper, a gift from the Prince of Wales. Wallis presented the photo to Edward and inscribed on it: WE3 with the 3 thrice underlined.

Therefore it seems appropriate for Wallis and Edward's daughter to use WE3 as the title of her story.

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